REGULATIONS “PARARUDNIKI – Fair of Light Aviation”

Fair date 1.06. – 2.06.2019 r.

  1. General provisions.
  • The provisions of this Regulations apply to participants of the event called “PARARUDNIKI – Fair of Light Aviation” organised by Częstochowa Aeroclub, hereinafter referred to as “Organizer” on 1 and 2 June 2019 in air base of Częstochowa Aeroclub at the Rudniki Airport and is integral part of a Statement of Participation and Agreement.
  1. Conditions for participation.
  • The exhibitor agrees to read and comply with the requirements of this Regulations.
  • The exhibitor acquires the right to participate in the Fair after submitting “Exhibitor Application Form”, signing the Agreement and paying for ordered services of Organizer. Payment for ordered services of Organizer should be held by payment:
  • advance of 40% of the total gross value specified on the Agreement,
  • remaining part of the amount due must be paid within 7 days from the date of invoicing but no later than the day preceding beginning of the Fair.

A one-time payment of the full agreement value is possible.

  • The acceptance of the participation in the Fair and a stand location determines the order of receiving “Exhibitor Application Form” along with a copy of the bank transfer payment. In case the “Exhibitor Application Form” is not accepted, Organizer repay the paid amount. Exhibitors are not entitled to claim for this purpose.
  • The costs of renting the exhibition area inside include: preparation, maintenance and liquidation the Fair, costs of energy consumption, general cleaning the stands and traffic routes, refuse collection, securing the object during night time, identification of stands, advertising and promotion the Fair.
  • Rented stand is meant for Exhibitor and his reported Subexhibitors.

Częstochowa Aeroclub

P.O.W. 4 Street

42-200 Częstochowa

Tel.No./Fax +48 34 327 97 55

  • Subletting the stand by the Exhibitor may take place only with the agreement of the Organizer.
  1. Payment policy.
  • The exhibitor makes payments on Częstochowa’s Aeroclub bank account number 14 1050 1142 1000 0090 3032 6020 or by paying cash in the accounting department of Airport Rudniki in Kościelec, Jana Pawła II 101 Street, 42-240 Rudniki.
  • A fee for other services not included in the “Exhibitor Application Form” and in the Agreement ordered by the Exhibitor must be paid within 7 days from the date of invoicing. The Exhibitor will be charged to statutory interest for late payment by the Organizer.
  • In case of withdrawal from the Exhibitor’s participation in the Fair in term shorter than 21 days before the start fees already paid are not reimbursable. Resignation from participation must be in writing/fax. The date of cancellation of participation shall be the date of receipt of the letter to Częstochowa Aeroclub.
  1. Stands and exhibits.
  • Stands location stems from the draft of the Fair exhibition area and organizational and technical conditions of exhibition.
  • The Organizer assigns to the Exhibitor ordered exhibition area and determines a location of the stand.
  • Stand number will be given to Exhibitor after the notification of all Exhibitors participating in the Fair. You will be informed about the stand number or location of the stand to the day 31.05.2019.
  • In case of a large number of applications the Organizer reserves the right to reduce stand’s area ordered by the Exhibitor.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to refuse showing exhibits which it considers as differ from generally accepted aesthetics or dangerous.
  • Repair of devices or refurnishing of stand arrangement can be done outside opening hours of stand with the consent of the Organizer.
  1. Installation and liquidation of stands
    • The Organizer provides: for stand inside the exhibition hall: designated exhibition space with electrical connection 230 V (one electric socket); for outside stand – separation a stand space.
  • Making the stand of elements provided by the Exhibitor and liquidation of the stand will be held at the expense of Exhibitor.
  • The Exhibitor is fully responsible for damages resulting from operation of its equipment at stand during the preparation, in the middle and closing of the Fair.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to development of outer walls of the stand unused by the Exhibitor.
  • Fairground is open one day before the opening date from 12:00 to 9:00 p.m. and on the opening day from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. for Exhibitors building stands.
  • The stand should be ready at least two hours before opening the Fair.
  • It is not allowed to disassemble of the exhibition and removing exhibits before official closing date of the Fair.
  • Exposure liquidation can be done no earlier than at 3:00 p.m. on the last day of the Fair and no later than 8:00 p.m. on the next day after closing the Fair. Exhibitor has no right to any claims for not collected within the prescribed time limit exhibits and other materials which are his property.
  • Exhibitor is obligated to restore the occupied exhibition area to its original state.
  1. Regulations.
  • The Exhibitor is obligated to respect instructions given by the Organizer.
  • Fair opening hours:
  • for Exhibitors – one hour before and one hour after opening hours for visitors,
  • for visitors – according to hours given in the Fair Programme which is published on the website
  • The Exhibitor and stand service need ID authorizing them to enter on the fairgrounds during the preparation, in the middle and closing of the Fair. ID is issued by the Organizer.
  • During the opening hours of the Fair stands should be available to visitors. Temporary closing of the stand requires approval of the Organizer.
  • Exhibits cannot be placed in the traffic routes adjacent to the stand and shows must not impede or prevent the safe moving Exhibitors and visitors.
  • During the opening hours of the Fair there is a car traffic ban on the fairgrounds.
  • It is forbidden to park any vehicles outside the designed car park for Exhibitors. The Fair Organizer shall not be responsible for damages resulting from improper leaving motor vehicles.
  • It is forbidden to bring dogs to the exhibition halls and on outside a dog must have a muzzle and leash.
  1. Insurance and security.
  • The Exhibitor is obligated to take out civil liability insurance resulting from participation in the Fair, as well as insurance of exhibits.
  • The Organizer shall not be responsible for accidents or exhibits damage located on the fairgrounds before, after and during the Fair.
  • Fair Organizer shall not be responsible for damages caused by theft, fire, gale, lightning strike, explosion, flooding, power outage or interruption of water supply and other random causes. This also applies to the period after the end of the Fair when the exhibits, equipment and other goods remain at the fairground.
  • The Exhibitor is obligated immediately report any damage to the Organizer.
  • The Organizer provides fairground protection in hours after closing the exhibition to its opening on the next day. Any objections about the stand’s condition should be reported to the Fair opening hours.
  • The Exhibitor is obligated to make all rooms available to the Organizer in order to check fire.
  • The Organizer for reasons beyond of his control reserves the right to cancel, shorten, shift or partial closure the Fair. In such cases Exhibitors are not entitled to compensation.
  • In case of cancellation of the Fair Exhibitors are entitled to reimbursement of advance payment without interest.
  • For shortages of equipment on the stand (loss, damage) the Exhibitor will pay an equivalent of current price of the lost or damaged equipment plus handling costs.
  1. Fire safety.
  • Electrical works may only be done by electrician authorized by the Organizer.
  • On the fairground there is forbidden :
  • smoking except in designated areas,
  • using open flame,
  • using of heaters and gas cookers,
  • using a makeshift electrical installation,
  • leaving unattended electrical equipment which are misfit for continuous exposure,
  • bringing flammable chemical substances,
  • blocking access to roads leading to fire devices and emergency exits,
  • using fire-fighting equipment for other purposes.
  1. Advertisement and information about Exhibitors.
  • Exhibitors have right to advertise their goods exclusively on their own stands on condition that it doesn’t disrupt regular workflow other participants.
  • Advertising outside the stand requires an approval and can be carry out only through the agency of the Organizer.
  • Each Exhibitor is obligated to draw up a basic information about company and send it with the sign to the Organizer in order to use to promote Exhibitors and the Fair.
  1. Complains and claims.
  • Complains should be submitted in writing to the Organizer within 3 days of the Fair closing date. After this date complains will not be considered.
  • Verbal agreement between the Exhibitor and the Organizer’s representatives and any decisions and statements shall require – in order to be valid – confirmation note.
  1. Final provisions.
  • Exhibitors are obligated to obey provisions of this Regulations.
  • Exhibitors who do not obey this Regulations shall be responsible for any damages and the Organizer’s and third party loss.
  • The cases not included in the Regulations will be settled on the basis of the provisions of the Civil Code.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to change prices in case of justified costs increase of the Fair.
  • Matters in dispute will be examined by the court in the place where the Organizer of the Fair has its registered office.
  • Acceptance of this Regulations takes place from the moment of submission of the “Exhibitor Application Form”