Price list

Price list

If you wish to present your products, meet up with other  manufacturers and directly with customers, we invite you to fill out the application form which is available on the website For all who send the application form by the end of February 2019 we offer 15% off. For exhibitors who have already taken part in PARARUDNIKI we offer additional 5%.

We have prepared for you stands inside in three depths : 2, 3 or 5 meters and unlimited exhibition space outside. We are certain that this will allow you to arrange well your exposure. Stands inside the exhibition hall, which cost 35 zloty net per m2, have access to electricity. They have no ready modular building. Like other fairs it will be a subject of a separate order if the exhibitor wishes such development. Stands outside the exhibition hall, which cost 20 zloty net per m2, the exhibitor freely adapts to his needs.

Width range for stands inside the hall are as follows:

Stands with a depth of 2 meters– width from 2 to 5 meters

Stands with a depth of 3 meters– width from 3 to 7 meters

Stands with a depth of 5 meters– width from 5 to 25 meters